From 2005 I started a project called Asian Mona Lisa. The idea of this project was a study about how to paint a portrait. I never do woman portraits before, so this, for me, was a new way and a new motivation to paint. I wanted find models for my portrait so I decide to find some models through internet. I chose some web pages where many women try to find a boyfriend. I selected many photos, these photos were the own portraits made by lonely woman who was looking for an unknown happiness. Seeing the photos I tried to feel how that woman was, what the feelings was and how to show the feeling in the portraits I would do.
The source of my inspiration was from inernet web pages, so I decided to make the portrait only using computer drawing programs. In the followingyear I did almost 150 portraits. All these portraits were published in my weblog and everybody can download and use like desktop image or as what they want. Also I made a video called Asian Mona Lisa or In the mood of love. This video is a kind review about all dreams of love feelings. Right now, 2008 , I started again thinking about this project. Many Chinese Contemporary Artists, work with woman portrait, thereby I thought that will be a nice show to Chinese people through my point of view about how to do a woman portrait, talk about the feelings of the beauties…
Many of these pictures and draws have been already showed in Galleries in Spain and in art fairs around the world, also published in some main magazines in Spain.




现在,2008年,我又重新思考了这个项目。好多当代的中国画家都在画着女士 肖像,因此我想这应该是一个很好的展览,向中国的观众来展示我是怎样绘画女士肖像和怎样描述这种美丽的感觉的。